Like many teachers, I started out in the mid-’90s with a textbook, an overhead projector, a VHS/TV combo I could check out and -- I was lucky -- a single desktop computer. 

No internet. No streaming videos. No online simulations or Kahoots. No iPads or Chromebooks.

Today, we educators have access to a wealth of resources, and many of them are free or inexpensive. But it’s still a herculean task to find the right resource to teach a specific learning goal in a deeply engaging way -- and it’s far too easy to plug and play a new edtech toy without knowing how to leverage its capabilities.

NeverBore’s goal is to fuse edtech creators’ visions with teachers’ day-to-day realities in a way that meaningfully improves classroom and online instruction. On this page, you’ll find tips for integrating new resources and technologies as well as links to articles I’ve found useful. 

My focus will always be: How can using this resource enhance deep learning?

If you know of better tools or better ways to integrate these resources into instruction, I would love to hear them. Together, we CAN do better.