Making Active Teaching Strategies Accessible

At NeverBore, we know there are barriers to implementing active-learning strategies. We help you analyze and break down those barriers to make teaching more effective for all of your students — while meeting rigorous state and national standards.

The NeverBore Method™


Our brains are wired to learn through stories and narrative.


Students build “sticky” factual knowledge via argument.


Immerse students in thoughtful role-playing scenarios.

Problem Solving

Give students messy, real-world problems to solve.


Sophisticated academic competitions and purposeful activities.

Authentic Tasks

Get students outside the classroom and immersed in real-world experiences.

Lesson Plan Library

At NeverBore, we love teachers. That is why we offer free curriculum resources to help you tackle difficult topics in the high school classroom, like Trump v. Clinton and free trade, with carefully designed simulations and discussion-focused lessons. Try active learning in your classroom today with one of our sample, step-by-step lessons.