Teaching Foundational Business Concepts Through Online Gaming.

In 2019, entrepreneurs Daran Han and Justin Clemens founded Glacier Peak Education with a clear vision: Develop an online gaming platform that enables students to learn foundational business concepts in an engaging way.

They created GlacierPeak.io, a sophisticated simulator that gives students the tools to virtually build and manage a venture -- everything from market-testing an idea to hiring employees to staffing manufacturing plants and interpreting financial reports.

But they wanted to do more than simply hand off their simulator to teachers -- they wanted to ensure that it would create a deep learning experience. They wanted to build a curriculum package to scaffold the learning process, as well as a manual to help teachers navigate the nuances of the program.

That’s where we come in.

Martha -- NeverBore’s founder and CEO -- began working with Glacier Peak in July 2019, and by fall the team had created a full suite of economics and business lessons that strategically blend instruction with relevant game content.

We built in “game stops” that allow teachers to pause the simulator for deeper instruction and reflection, and we created interactive lessons that enable students to develop advertising campaigns, participate in product testing and pitch their venture.We also created an easy-to-follow teacher manual and formative assessments for each step of the instructional process, allowing teachers to gather valuable feedback about student learning.

And when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and schools were forced to adopt online learning, we revised all of the materials to be fully accessible online -- including video instructions for the teachers and students.

“The most powerful thing Martha does is to connect all the complicated dots around classroom context, educator needs, student engagement, and then mixes into all of that, amazing content that stimulates the imagination and delivers on learning outcomes," Daran says.

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The “Lean Startup Process” Written With Teenagers In Mind.

"Martha is a true pioneer in education. As our Chief Educator-in-Residence, she is a consistent force to be reckoned with as she is ever-expanding the bounds of our impact. Her prolific and unceasing creation of content to support teachers and students alike has helped position Quarter Zero as the industry leader in youth entrepreneurial experiences. I have personally seen the impact of her unwavering belief in the power and potential of her students. Having worked with numerous teachers across the country, I can unequivocally say Martha is a trailblazer in education who works tirelessly to support her fellow educators along the journey.”


- Josh Collins, Founder


Martha is a force of nature. Working with her while developing our proprietary curriculum, handbook, teacher resources and even the Startup-Simulator - a heavily coded, completely online platform, has been a delight because of her deep insights grounded in her experience, her unmatch drive to problem-solve and an utter and complete investment in whichever project she's a part of."


- Aarshiya Chaudry, Director of Product

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Guiding Educators On How To Effectively Teach Economics Online.

"The Georgia Council on Economic Education has worked with Martha Rush on a number of projects, and she always delivers creative, engaging and effective lessons and resources that teachers absolutely love to use in their classrooms."


- Mike Raymer, Executive Director

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Cultivating a Generation of Financially Literate Girls.

“Martha is a delight to work with! She communicates clearly, works efficiently, and produces great work. Each time I hand over a project to Martha, I have complete faith that she will work diligently to create an awesome lesson. Her work always follows the guidelines of the project, and requires very few changes and edits due to her attention to detail.”

- Crystal Fantry, Manager of Programs

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Martha Rush is a publisher’s dream. She is a subject matter expert who also writes extraordinarily well, meets deadlines, and voluntarily fills in any gaps a task requires. As a renowned teacher, she knows what instructors need to feel comfortable and be successful in teaching a course—and she also knows how to make the content engaging and challenging for students. She is key to McGraw Hill’s AP Economics program.”

- Kathy Burnett, Senior Editor, McGraw Hill