Beat Boredom Book Studies

Beat Boredom: Engaging Tuned-Out Teenagers explores why traditional lecture-and-memorization instructional strategies simply do not work for too many of our students — especially our disadvantaged students. Drawing on hundreds of research studies, interviews with hundreds of students, Beat Boredom Book Studies offer teachers a framework for reading, reflecting on the book, recording ideas and questions, and reflecting on the practice of teaching.

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Beat Boredom Book Study Testimonials

“Beat Boredom generated lively discussion in our recent district book study. Teachers from a variety of content areas came away excited to try new practical strategies. We’re already seeing great results.”

Amy Almendinger, Teacher-leader, New Richmond High School

“This book is a must-have for any educator, whether they are in their first or twenty-first year of education. It is packed with nuggets of knowledge founded in research and personal stories. I guarantee that any educator that adds this book to their shelf will see the power and impact in a matter of a few minutes of reading and acting!”

Robert Sahli, Assistant Principal, Ramsey Middle School

“Thank you for a super enjoyable experience! I would absolutely recommend Beat Boredom for a book study as a professional development opportunity! Gathering with a group of diverse educators, while all reading the same book, is a great way to engage in deep conversations and enact change across classrooms within the school. This book gives you ideas to implement strategies that will improve classroom engagement, taking your students from the sit and get lessons to the hands-on illustrations of what can really happen when students are so into the lesson that they lose all track of time. Read this book to make your best lessons even better!”

Rachel Sauvola, Agriscience Instructor, New Richmond High School

“Beat Boredom is a practical guide to engaging students through the use of a variety of strategies. The balance of research, real-world examples from actual classrooms and student voice make this a unique resource for teachers hoping to up their game, instructional coaches and administrators.”

Michael Miller, Assistant Principal, Brooklyn Center Community Schools

Beat Boredom Book Study Teacher Impact


Of educators said they would recommend Beat Boredom to other teachers seeking professional development


Of educators said they will try a new, interactive teaching strategy in their classroom after participating in the book study


Of educators responded that Beat Boredom is “ very teacher supportive” professional development resource.

Questions Explored During a Beat Boredom Book Study

Leveraging the findings of hundreds of research studies, interviews with hundreds of students, and the author’s own 20+ years of classroom experience, a Beat Boredom Book Study is centered on the exploration of key questions related to also using highly engaging, interactive teaching strategies to improve student engagement, motivation and performance.


Of all the teachers you have ever had, who was the best storyteller?


Where might there be inefficiency in your classroom that leads to boredom?


Do you agree that teachers can engage the unmotivated students?

Problem Solving

What are strategies you have used to address problems that crop up in discussions?


How can we accurately measure each individual’s contribution to group learning?

Authentic Tasks

What should teachers avoid if they are trying a simulation or role-play for the first time?

Who Is Using Beat Boredom For Book Studies?

New Richmond High School and Middle School (WI)
Ubah Medical Academy (MN)
Saint Anthony Middle School (MN)
Mounds View High School (MN)
Ubah Medical Academy (MN)
Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators
Bernards Township Public Schools (NJ)

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