Praise For Beat Boredom

“As a veteran teacher of over thirty years I found this book to speak volumes about engaging student minds. Martha Rush has deftly combined real-world examples backed up with scholarly research.”
Michael Lampart

“Martha’s writing is unique in that (a) She is a practicing teacher who is actually doing what she writes about in a real live classroom on a Tuesday (b) She cites research and situates it in vignettes of actual classrooms here in Minnesota and across the nation…”
Katie Pekel

“As a student I enjoyed reading Martha’s book immensely. I learn concepts better when taught creatively. I think that students will be motivated to struggle if these ideas are used.”
Arizona Student

“She challenges all of us (including herself) to do better. She is not comfortable with a status quo in which boredom is accepted as a necessary part of learning. Because of her, I am re-thinking how I teach. Thank you Martha!”
James Lerch

“As a college newspaper editor, Martha Rush taught me how to write an anecdotal lead in 1987; as a journalist, I’ve written hundreds of them since! No surprise she has gone into teaching (or that she writes so poignantly about her experiences).”
Steve Knopper

“This great book is geared towards teachers. However, I found many insights on how to improve my professional speaker performances and reduce boredom at events.”
Tobias Madden

Learn The Methods Of A Nationally Acclaimed Teacher.

Having led multiple student teams to championships and finalist positions at national Economics, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship competitions, Martha is an expert in methods that motivate students to reach their greatest potential -- methods she enthusiastically shares with readers.

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Reach Even The Most Reluctant Learners.

Building on her more than 800 interviews with high school graduates, Beat Boredom offers up strategies in all subject areas for active engagement, moving way beyond traditional passive memorization of information. We promise this book can help you join the ranks of teachers who have challenged the status quo and found ways to motivate even the most reluctant learners.

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