2% of American students say they are “never bored” in class. 66% report they are “bored in class every day” and nearly half (47%) of all high school dropouts said a major reason for dropping out was that their classes “were not interesting” (Macklem, Boredom in the Classroom, 2015). This is a critical issue for all education stakeholders because a bored student is a disengaged student. Disengaged students are much more likely to underachieve – and this has a disparate impact on disadvantaged students.

NeverBore is the first education consultancy that demystifies the process of making teaching student-centric and active, helping frustrated teachers keep their students engaged in the learning environment

NeverBore exists to increase learning outcomes and achievement for all students by offering services that promote and advance active learning strategies that help educators build engaging classroom environments that get rid of boredom.

The NeverBore Strategy


Our brains are wired to learn through stories and narrative.


Students build “sticky” factual knowledge via argument.


Immerse students in thoughtful role-playing scenarios.

Problem Solving

Give students messy, real-world problems to solve.


Sophisticated academic competitions and purposeful activities.

Authentic Tasks

Get students outside the classroom and immersed in real-world experiences.

Our Amazing Team

Our team includes an internationally recognized master teacher and author and an award-winning social entrepreneur and designer. Through our combined life experiences both as students and teachers, we are passionate about advancing education across the globe and addressing the pervasive lack of engagement in U.S. classrooms.