The majority of 21st century American high schools still rely too heavily on passive instruction. Students “sit and get” while teachers talk for 80% or more of class time -- and learning suffers. Online, the drawbacks of this model are even clearer, as students check out of Zoom meetings and recorded videos altogether. Together, we can do better.

We partner with you to build engaging, relevant curriculum that works seamlessly for teachers and fosters deep student learning.

NeverBore exists to increase learning outcomes and achievement for all students by offering services that promote and advance active learning strategies that help educators build engaging classroom environments that get rid of boredom.

The NeverBore Strategy

Teach With Stories

Osmosis is a story. The Great Depression is a story. Let’s stop reciting dry facts -- and bring these stories to life.


Students learn more when they talk -- not when we talk. Our lessons need to facilitate sharing and discussing.

Incorporate Simulations

Our students love gaming -- the “live” experience and the fun of competition. We can make learning just as engaging.

Develop Problem Solving

The world has many problems, and our students know it. Transform their frustrations into learning opportunities.

Build Real World Relevance

Students want to see their work have impact. Create opportunities for them to start a business or engage in civic action.

Make Learning Fun

“Fun” doesn’t mean dumbing down. It means including elements like creativity and teamwork within learning.

Our Amazing Team

Our team includes an internationally recognized master teacher and author and an award-winning social entrepreneur and designer. Through our combined life experiences both as students and teachers, we are passionate about creating the best in high-engagement curriculum materials for students in the U.S. and around the globe.